Friday, November 16, 2007

Obama's Crimethink

Seriously, the Left needs to get over this whole idea that deviation from the Democratic Party line is equivalent to trying to help the Republicans. The idea that Social Security, as currently configured, is unsustainable in the long run is intuitively and logically true.

But because that idea deviates from party orthodoxy that government run programs are always fiscally sound, Krugman essentially accuses Obama of crimethink. This just proves that in today's America if you don't toe the orthodox party line, you must of necessity be aiding and abetting the enemy. It's pretty much the same concept as equating criticism of Bush's foreign policy with treason.

Krugman pretty much says that Social Security's soundness is beyond question. Therefore, no one who questions Social Security's soundness can be taken seriously, and anyone who does so is just being dishonest. According to Krugman, Obama's "dishonesty" on the issue is borne out of a desire to appear "bipartisan." Of course, Obama's proposed solution to the Social Security problem is one that no conservative or libertarian would ever find palatable- but Krugman ignores that. Instead, all that matters is that Obama dares to question Party orthodoxy; Obama's answer to that question is, apparently, irrelevant.

(via memeorandum)

***UPDATE, 2:15 PM*** Greg Mankiw lays the smackdown on Krugman here.