Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Aggregating Yesterday

Yesterday was a busy day at Publius Endures. Below I've aggregated all the posts so you don't have to scroll down to catch up.

More Fun with Bad Statistics: About the murders of trade unionists in Colombia
More on Partisan Business Cycles: Following up a post from last week about the partisan political economy.
What Are the Media's Responsibilities?: In which I take a look at the debate between Glenn Greenwald and Megan McArdle and discuss how much coverage the media should have given to the Yoo memoranda.
What Would Happen if the Media Covered the Yoo Memos More?: In which I argue that greater MSM coverage of the Yoo memos would have been counterproductive in the fight against the torture regime.
Strict Construction: Pointing out the hypocrisy of conservative "strict constructionists" who argue for the "unitary executive."
NSLs and Telecom Immunity: Pointing out that the Bush Administration seems to have an odd set of priorities in determining who is qualified to review "classified" evidence.