Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Challenge to My Progressive Friends

Megan McArdle comments on the farm bill passed yesterday, and explains how it will provide almost no benefit to the small farmers that Dems and Progressives purport to care so much about, while continuing to provide massive benefits to huge agri-business (aka "the rich").

As commenter Will Allen, in response to Megan's post, points out:

"The bill that passed yesterday, with overwhelming support of Democrats, and mixed support of Republicans, is so bad it can barely be described. Truly disgusting, and the next time Democrats start yammering about Republicans being in the pocket of the rich (which they often are, of course), this bill should be shoved in their faces."

Given the massive food shortages being caused by subsidies like this, and given the fact that on this issue, for once, President Bush is actually siding against big business, I have two questions for my Progressive friends:

1. Will you join in denouncing these subsidies as being horrific examples of the Dems siding with the "rich" in a manner that actively makes the lives of countless millions of destitute people worldwide worse?
2. If not, can you explain how continuing these subsidies to farmers with adjusted income up to $950,000 is a good idea?