Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Can You Change My Grade?"

Thoreau complains about needing a personal secretary to handle all the complaints he gets from students about their grades.

But sometimes, students have legitimate gripes. For instance, this DC Councilmember was, long ago, my Constitutional Law professor. The exam, IIRC, included a multiple choice section (based, of course, on the professor's interpretation of ConLaw). Is it possible I can have that exam retroactively regraded?

Actually, if the proposal were a lot more narrowly tailored, I don't think it would be that problematic from a purely Constitutional standpoint. For instance, the Council could create a regime of probationary registration wherein training needed to be completed within a certain period of time. Under this proposal, training would only be required for the applicant's first registration, with exemptions for those who could present evidence of prior training. A basic gun safety course only takes an hour or two, and there is probably a "compelling" or at least "important" government interest in preventing accidental discharges, especially in an urban environment.