Monday, December 22, 2008

A Good Week

It would seem that the last few days have been a rather good time to appear on the Publius Endures blogroll or to otherwise be affiliated with this site.

For starters, there is of course my first foray into journalism at Culture11, combined with my new affiliation with Donklephant.

Next, Scott Payne of Politics of Scrabble has been doing a well-deserved guest-blogging stint at the well-regarded site The Moderate Voice.

Then SSFC of Social Services for Feral Children and also, apparently, Popehat has been invited to do a stint at the legendary blawg Overlawyered.

Finally, and most notably, John Schwenkler has officially moved into the domain of the A-list blogosphere, with his site moving over to Culture11, where he will now join the ranks of those who are actually paid to blog. To say John deserves this is blindingly obvious, and this most certainly represents a notable step in, as John calls it, "Culture11’s ongoing attempt at complete and utter dominance of the world of online media." Or, as I call it, Culture11's de-Malkinization of the political Right.

Congrats to all!

UPDATE- John's move is complete, or at least close to it. It looks like his new homepage will be here. I assume this means you can update your feeds and/or blogrolls accordingly.