Thursday, December 13, 2007

Factionalization Watch Update

I've been blogging recently about what I view as a perfect political storm brewing. In this storm, we are starting to see both parties begin to splinter at the edges as the subgroups that from the loose coalitions making up the "meat" of the political parties begin to realize that they have little in common with their coalition-mates and that their party leadership is concerned more with winning elections than with actually implementing an ideological framework friendly to the coalition members. Thus we see a reasonable possibility of a serious libertarian-ish third party run, a serious religious conservative third party run, and a disillusioned political moderate third party run.

In honor of this splintering, I've instituted my "Factionalization Watch" and "Realignment Watch." In an earlier installment of the Factionalization Watch, Doug at the Liberty Papers noted a nascent movement of individuals looking to run on a Ron Paul-style libertarian-ish ticket within the Republican Party.

Today, Doug brings us news of several candidates for Congress in Maryland openly running as "Ron Paul Republicans." And so the splintering continues....