Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Must Read for Younger Libertarians

...Myself included. Carol Moore, a longtime "movement" libertarian, has pieced together a compelling history of the story behind the Ron Paul newsletters going back 20 plus years, and where they fit in libertarian history. Her posts provide some much needed background that is free from much of the emotion and invective that has characterized much of the debate.

Her posts are in no way a defense of the newsletters; however, they provide some infinitely valuable context. I highly recommend that younger libertarians or libertarians who are relatively new to the movement take a look at what she has written. I actually have found her posts as or more valuable than Julian Sanchez's excellent reporting on the matter. In either event, I hope libertarians on both side of the divide take her words seriously, though it would seem most of it is directed at the Rockwell side. The first of her posts is here, the second here.

I'd give a couple of quotes, but there is no element of her reporting that is any less invaluable than the rest. If you have about 10 minutes, take the time to read both posts.