Friday, January 25, 2008

Reinventing the Bush Years

Via memeorandum.

Peggy Noonan is attracting a lot of attention today for her claim (with which I agree) that President Bush is responsible for destroying the Republican Party. Ed Morrissey strongly disagrees with her, but in his typically coherent fashion that is worthy of a read.

But then there's this response, which I found laugh out loud funny from "The Strata-Sphere" (which sounds about where this guy lives):

"She’s is [sic] all upset Bush did not court to her and her ilk and instead represented the nation."

Bush has done such an excellent job "representing the nation" that his approval ratings must be at record highs, right? Errrrr, no.

According to "The Strata-Sphere," in fact Bush is a great President who is actually a moderate that didn't kowtow to the far right during his Presidency. In fact, President Bush is a true bipartisan who "crafts solutions that can progress conservative values without causing a liberal uproar that stalls progress."

I actually don't have a joke here, this is so off the reservation.