Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Paulestinian Drinking Game (Open Thread)

I realize this thread is probably a bit mean, but I feel like taking a bit of a break from my usually serious posting, and I'm still bitter at learning about the Ron Paul newsletters and his deeply unsatisfying response to the story. So, have at it:

UCrawford, a contributor at The Liberty Papers, proposes a terrific idea that I think deserves a thread of its own: The Paulestinian Drinking Game. For the record, the term "Paulestinian" does not refer to all supporters of Ron Paul (even after the TNR piece there are some sane ones left), but only to the more, uhh, aggressive ones.

The first rule (originally proposed by me):
Rule 1: Every time the phrase “defend the Constitution” is used= 1 drink; if used with ALL CAPS = +1 drink; if “Constitution” is misspelled= +1 drink; if used in the same paragraph as a statement implying that an amendment of some sort is not valid = finish your beer.

Additional rules (proposed by UCrawford):
Rule 2: Every buzzword from the aforementioned Paulestinian dictionary = 1 drink.
Rule 3: Any comments that blatantly misstates Ron Paul policy position = 1 drink.
Rule 4: Any post that claims Ron Paul will, if elected, have ability to change single-handedly change government = finish your beer
Rule 5: Any comment that claims Ron Paul possesses actual supernatural or magical powers = must immediately consume all alcoholic beverages in room.

More rules to be posted in the comments to this post.