Friday, February 1, 2008

Blogroll Amnesty Day

Per Jon Swift, I learned that this weekend is the Second Annual Blogroll Amnesty Day. The first such day occured prior to my foray into the blogosphere, so it's not my place to explain the circumstances behind this event, other than to say that it is a day/weekend for left-of-center blogs to open their blogrolls up to all comers and give some blog-love to their smaller counterparts.

In any event, the modest success I've had on this blog the last few months has been far more than I ever thought I'd have. Much of that success has been due to the liberal policies of other blogs, and to the surprising amount of blog-love they send my way by linking to my posts on a semi-frequent basis. Without their assistance, I doubt this blog would have ever gotten more than a few dozen hits a day.

In particular, the guys at Comments from Left Field (especially Kyle) and at the Liberty Papers (especially Doug and Brad) have helped me along with encouragement, tips, and links galore. I am thankful for the help each of them has provided me. I'm also of course thankful for the increasingly large number of other bloggers who have added me to their blogrolls over the last few months or linked to me for various other reasons.

I don't know that I qualify as a left-of-center blogger, since I'm pretty strongly libertarian, and so I don't know where I fit in Blogroll Amnesty Day. But my priorities these days are on civil and social liberties more than on economic liberties, which means that I find myself sympathizing with the Left as often as not. Regardless, Blogroll Amnesty Day is a terrific idea, and I will be celebrating it no matter whether this blog qualifies.

With that in mind and as a way of passing along the support I've gotten from CFLF and the Liberty Papers, I'm going to do what I can to link to blogs that are even smaller than me, or about my size, this weekend. There are a few such blogs already on my blogroll, and a couple others that I'll be adding who I should have already put up. I also invite any other bloggers who may stop by to put their blog address in the comments to this post, and I'll make sure to add you as well.

(H/T Cernig)