Friday, February 1, 2008

Today's Iraq Bombing

...Nothing short of appalling and disgusting. I have no comment on how this affects evaluation of the relative success or failure of the surge - it is one incident, and should not be used as a basis for broader conclusions on that front.

But AQI's use of women with Down's Syndrome as apparently unwitting murderers is animal in every degree. Whatever else may be said about the Bush Administration, the Iraq War more generally, or our current foreign policy, this much is clear: there is no moral equivalence.

More reactions at memeorandum.

***UPDATE*** Via a commenter at Obsidian Wings - there is some question as to whether the "bomber" in fact had Down's Syndrome. If that is not the case, however, then it appears at least one was the mother of a small child, which is not much less appalling. Again - no moral equivalence.