Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Constitution Day Links

I don't know if a "Happy Constitution Day" is appropriate because it only reminds me that modern constitutional law has nothing to do with the Constitution and everything to do with blindly deferring to majorities, but I thought I'd share a few links:

First, the enormous irony of the federal government, by law, training employees about the Constitution can be found in an old blog post over at A Stitch in Haste. There is nothing I can say that wasn't already said in that post.

Second, I came across an old Reason article that was written by Julian Sanchez from around the time when conservatives were enraged by the refusal of the federal courts to hear the Terri Schiavo case despite congressional chest thumping that resulted in that abomination commonly known as Terri's Law. Sanchez presents great arguments akin to those that I have made in the past, linking conservative disdain for the judiciary not to the Framers or to maintaining the fidelity of the document, but to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Last, for my contribution to Constitution Day, here is my take on the empty meaning of "judicial activism"(here). It was one of my last posts at my old blog and one of my favorites.

I'll try to make the best of the day.