Thursday, January 15, 2009

Against Legalization of Drugs

I just wanted to point to David Fredosso's argument, in Culture11's Drug War symposium, against the legalization of drugs (though he seems to limit his argument to "hard" drugs). I'm not sure I'm persuaded, but it's the first argument I've seen in a long while that actually addresses some of the key arguments for legalization and doesn't descend into the usual demagoguery. At the very least, I think he makes a strong case for tempering guarantees of a massive reduction in violence.

One thing to point out - Fredosso does not attempt to argue in favor of the "War" on Drugs, only against the legalization of most drugs. This is actually not a flaw in his argument, as he quite openly acknowledges that he is opposed to treating drugs as if they (and all those who come in contact with them) are enemies in a "War."

See also - Balko, excellent as usual, on the collateral damage of the "War" and Anita Bartholomew on the "War's" price tag.

H/T: John.