Monday, January 12, 2009

Quick Links

I'm extremely busy this week, but wanted to point my readers to some worthwhile reads around the web:

First, Scott Payne at Politics of Scrabble posts the very personal insights of someone you all know well on the effects of terrorism on the way we think.

Next, Max Socol of Some Political investigates Hamas' posturing and finds what Hamas is really trying to accomplish in any cease-fire. Max then uses this finding to propose a way forward that would have a chance to end the cycle of violence in a way that all sides could hopefully live with. The Madisonian in me sense that Max is onto something here.

New blogroll addition Courtney of Great Satan's Girlfriend argues that Israel is getting ready to destroy Iran's nuclear infrastructure (not surprisingly, I disagree with the sentiment behind this, but it's a worthwhile read anyhow).

Fester at Newshoggers has a strong argument that the War on Drugs is having a tremendously destabilizing effect on American international relations on a global, regional, and even local scale.