Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More on the Ron Paul LewRockwell v. Volokh Tiff

The Liberty Papers raises many of the same arguments I did yesterday in defense of David Bernstein. You will notice in the comments section to the Liberty Papers post that the die hards still don't get the point of the criticism, instead just dismissing it as a "smear." They continue to pretend that there is no reason to distance themselves from the Stormfront/Alex Jones types.

The fact is, if Paul and his core supporters continue to refuse to distance themselves from the Stormfront, neo-Nazi, and conspiracy theorists, the Paul campaign will have a net negative effect on the libertarian movement in this country. If, however, he and his core supporters DO make a bona fide effort to distance themselves from this crowd, the Paul campaign has tremendous potential to advance the libertarian movement more than any other event since Atlas Shrugged. But in order for this to happen, Paul and his core supporters must acknowledge that the prominence of the nutcases poses a legitimate problem that must be dealt with.