Thursday, December 27, 2007

McCain Heart Huckabee

The Boston Globe reports on what appears to be a Stop Romney alliance between McCain and Huckabee. The Globe views this alliance as temporary- likely to last only as long as Romney remains the frontrunner. But I think there is a lot more to it- McCain and Huckabee seem to genuinely like each other. One need look no further than Huckabee's almost childlike reverence of McCain at the debates on the issue of waterboarding for proof of this (for the record, I don't mean that as a bad thing- Huckabee's respect for McCain on this issue is one of his better qualities, I think and stands in stark contrast to Romney's cynical disregard for McCain's experiences). On top of that is the fact that agree with them or not, and unlike Romney and Giuliani, McCain and Huckabee both at least appear to be sincere in their political beliefs; to a large extent, I think McCain respects this aspect of the Huckster.

Not only do I see the McCain-Huckabee lovefest as rather genuine, but as I argued yesterday, a McCain-Huckabee ticket may be the only way the GOP coalition can remain intact next year. While the prospect of that must make Michelle Malkin's head spin, I suspect that even establishment Republicans would at least hold their nose and vote for a McCain-led ticket. Meanwhile having Huckabee on the ticket would be a massive peace offering to evangelicals, both by McCain and the party as a whole.