Thursday, January 3, 2008

Predictions for 2008

This post at A Glittering Eye convinced me to make a few of my own predictions for 2008, to wit:

The eventual nominee for each party will rail against "special interests in Washington" on numerous occasions. That candidate will fail to understand the irony of railing against "special interests" while seeking out and taking money from (choose at least one, or if you're John Edwards, several): labor unions, trial lawyers, telecom companies, lobbyists acting on behalf of foreign interests, descendants of immigrants, convicted felons, space aliens, Klansmen, or Corey Feldman's agent.

At least one GOP interest group will either form a third party or switch overwelmingly to the Democratic side.

Both the federal and all state governments will at some point determine that the solution to a failed government program will be to expand or increase funding to that program.

Hillary Clinton will have the moment that most closely resembles Howard Dean's infamous scream. This scream will have no effect on perceptions about Hillary.

Paul Krugman and much of the netroots will continue to refuse to understand the difference between Progressivism and partisan loyalty to the Democratic Party.

Libertarians will be this year's NASCAR Dads/Soccer Moms. The media will come up with a clever term for this; libertarians everywhere will be annoyed.

Labor unions will endorse the Democratic presidential candidate. Unless Huckabee wins the GOP nomination and Obama the Dem nomination.

The MSM will manufacture self-righteous outrage against at least one "shock jock." Both parties' nominees will quickly jump on the bandwagon and condemn the "shock jock."

Mitt Romney's head will explode during a speech to a group of Vietnam Vets opposed to torture; the explosion will reveal that Romney is, in fact, made in China by Mattel's robotics division.

Congress will achieve little legislatively; Bush will achieve nothing Presidentially. This will result in the years 2007-2008 being viewed as Bush's only good years as President when historians look back at this time.

"Something" will be done to fix the mortgage "crisis." This "something" will ignore the fact that many defaulted loans involved fraudulent loan applications by the purported "victim" homeowner. Almost everyone who doesn't read this blog will fail to call the small minority of homeowners who default a "special interest." The Democratic presidential candidate will, however, call the mortgage lenders "greedy special interests."

Fred Thompson will wake up just long enough to endorse John McCain. But Fred might not wake up until sometime in 2009.