Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Delusional Hewitt

I really hope Romney stays in the race for awhile, continuing to lose every key primary along the way, just so I can continue reading Hewitt's post-mortems.

Hysterical Hewitt-ism of the NH post-mortem:

Michael thinks --rightly I suspect-- that many independents who were going to vote for Obama yesterday got to the polls today and, thinking it was in the bag for their guy, decided to vote strategically for McCain. Some of those votes were probably out of respect, some from love, and some from indies wanting the GOP to nominate other than Romney, whom they considered the strongest GOP nominee in the fall.

Hewitt may be correct that some independents decided at the polls to vote for McCain instead of Obama, figuring Obama had it made (though I doubt that effect was nearly strong enough to change the outcome of either race). But the idea that independents would cross-over to vote for McCain because they think Romney is the stronger general election candidate is just laugh-out-loud funny. Apparently, Hewitt has ignored all the polls that show McCain performing by far the best of the GOP candidates against every possible Dem. He has also apparently ignored Romney's extraordinarily bad favorability ratings.

More from Hewitt:

Romney took the "expectations" hit in Iowa and came roaring back on Sunday and Monday in New Hampshire, though not with enough to get the win.

So, a five-point, 13,000 vote loss to McCain is "roaring back" when McCain was consistently averaging about a five-point lead in most of the polls since Iowa? (Yes, I'm aware of the ARG outlier that had McCain up by double-digits, but there were also a couple outliers that had Romney in the lead).

High comedy.