Friday, January 11, 2008

Romney's Claim as Reagan's Heir

Mitt Romney and his automoton-ish supporters have a tendency to emphasize that he is the heir to the Reagan legacy, and that "Mitt Romney is the only candidate who can unite the three-legged stool of the Reagan coalition." (I put this in quotes because it's become the Rom-bots version of the Paulbots' "DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION! ONLY RON PAUL UNDERSTANDS THE CONSTITUTION!")

I've posted more than enough times about how the Reagan coalition is all but dead but for a McCain-Huckabee ticket or maybe a Thompson victory, and how Romney in fact is the least capable of uniting the coalition again in a meaningful way.

But a reader at Townhall noticed something about Romney last night that does more than a little to debunk the notion that Mitt is the rightful heir to the Reagan legacy:

At the post interview with Mitt Romney, Alan Colmes asked him about distancing himself from Reagan/Bush in 1994 and his response was “I went to the funeral and learned about Reagan’s optimism and saw the light? EXCUSE ME, YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT REAGAN AND WHAT HE MEANT TO THE GOP TILL HIS FUNERAL? THAT HAS TO BE THE LAMEST answer and one of the biggest flip flops EVER. NO SERIOUS candidate who wants to carry the Reagan Mantel [sic] can honestly say they didn’t believe in Reagan till he died!

Romney may really be the most hollow man to ever run for public office in our history.

(h/t Andrew Sullivan)