Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Romney and Doublethink

In a speech yesterday, Romney said this about a potential matchup with Obama in the general election:

He'll be talking about ... big brother, big government and big taxes and that won't sell. I'll be talking about following in the footsteps that Ronald Reagan built, which is make America stronger, which is strengthen our family, strength our miliary, strengthen our economy.

So the guy who wants to "double Gitmo," won't comment about waterboarding, and supports Bush's warrantless wiretapping program (amongst other things) is accusing Obama of being the candidate of "big brother" and "big government"?

While Republican comparisons with Reagan have become meaningless because of how much the party has changed, there is something amazing about Romney portraying himself as the "candidate of change" when he is just spewing the exact same rhetoric that Republicans have been running on for 25 years. It's just further evidence of how it has become impossible for a Republican to appeal to all the traditional GOP interest groups and manage to sound coherent to anyone but the party establishment.