Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Standard Meme of the Night

If I were John McCain, I'd be pretty annoyed at Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough and a bunch of other pundits who have been advancing the meme that all of McCain's support is coming from "Blue states that Republicans can't win."

The reason I find this annoying is that it makes the assumption that Republicans don't need to win any blue states and shouldn't even try, even though they won the last two elections by the slimmest of margins with no room for error. If the Republican strategy is just to hold on to the states that Bush won in 2004 while making no inroads into other states, then the Republicans are leaving themselves no margin for error in a year when their party identification numbers are at an all time low.

At the same time as they've been hitting this meme like a broken record, they've been playing the opposite meme for Obama - that Democrats should take positive notice that Obama is doing so well in "Red" states, and that this makes him more electable.

If I was a Hillary supporter hearing those two memes juxtaposed together, I'd be even more annoyed.